Confess The Like Game Walkthrough / Solutions and Completion Guide

Confess The Like Game Walkthrough / Solutions and Completion Guide

Confess The Enjoy Game Walkthrough

Willie: the key character for this tale. (YOU) (You begin every run at your desk, the very last one in the third line)

Liza: the lady you would like, constantly remains belated to complete her research. (The brunette woman into the front row)

Julie: one of the classmates. (The purple haired girl who sits during the desk right prior to you

Journal: it is got by you whenever you connect to your desk.

Cake: just like the journal

Cup: communicate with Julie and choose [borrow a cup from her] or from her desk after she leaves you can just take it.

Knife: within the locked drawer of this file case when you look at the corner that is far right of space.

Key into the cabinet: within the class monitor’s notebook. In the 2nd how to use jpeoplemeet desk from the kept into the third line. All jigsaw is needed by you pieces therefore the code to start it.

Jigsaw components sparks that are:(white

Piece(1/4): inside one of the books in the file cabinet after you got some Endings you can find it. Choose [check the books]->[No Longer Human]

Piece(2/4): After even more Endings there is it from the curve wrecker’s desk. The next through the right in the row that is first. Connect to it two times and select [search]

Piece(3/4): once more after even more Endings you’ll find it regarding the trained teachers desk infront regarding the blackboard. ادامه مطلب